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Author's Preferred Strategy

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06/14/2019 Momentum  OPEN

The author's preference among the seven basic portfolio strategies outlined in Demoostify, changed from 60-40 static to momentum on 11/02/2018. Although static strategies require less attention, and have out-performed in a Fed-centric world over the past 3-10 years, their performance appears to be weakening as interest rates rise. The third equity correction of 2018 suggests a more normalized market based on the business cycle. That and recent revisions to the model appear to be making Index Moose a competitive option once again. 

This Week's Free Moose Signal

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           Index Moose Signal                 
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06/14/2019 HOLD Cash

* On May 31, 2019, US Long Treasury Bonds (EDV) reached #1 in the model. Overbought since, it continues to defer to cash.

See newsletter for more details, including stops. Always familiarize yourself with any investment program and the assets involved before committing to it. Read the FAQs and The Art of the Switch, and get a prospectus online from the fund provider.

 This Week's TSP Signal

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     Targeted Thrift Savings Plan
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TSP Switches to New Asset 06/014/2019
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