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04/14/2017    HOLD Latin American Equities (ILF)

Latin American Equities (ILF) became tied for #1 in the model 02/11/2017, but were short-term overbought, for three weeks, defaulting to the incumbent #1 US small-caps (IWM). ILF’s overbought condition was relieved (03.04.2017) at which point the model switched from IWM to ILF @31.79. First week in, ILF dropped over 3%-- not unexpectedly for readers of this space-- leading to a repeat switch signal @$30.73 on 03.11.2017, and an average entry price of $31.26.  Always familiarize yourself with any investment program and the assets involved before committing to it. Read the FAQs and The Art of the Switch, and get a prospectus online from the fund provider.

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