Welcome to Decision Moose & Global Markets, home to MooseClub, a best value among global investment newsletters, and to Index Moose-- a FREE market timing signal provided to internet users exploring alternatives to buy-and-hold investing.  

MooseClub is a comprehensive weekly newsletter that only costs $39 per calendar year-- far less than competing newsletters that cover the major global financial markets. (That includes free weekly email updates too. See the Moostore for details.) The newsletter is a product of Index Moose, an automated stock, bond, and gold momentum model developed in 1989. Index Moose uses technical analysis and exchange traded index funds (ETFs) to track global investment flows in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and to generate a market timing signal.

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is not based on a real monetary account. It does not include dividends earned, or taxes and transaction costs paid. It does not include back-tested results, but is based on weekly signals provided live on the internet since 1995. A detailed transaction listing and performance data are available on the Moosistory page.

The Fine Print

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